ClubPlanner helps fitness-, wellness-, sports- and health centers to optimize the business results

Members are the main source of revenue for your club. How to get as many members (sales) and how to keep them as long as possible (retention).

It is important to generate the highest possible turnover per member. If these conditions are met, then the club is on track. We provide fitness clubs with advice on how to optimize business results through proven ways. These methods vary according to the needs of the particular club.

We offer support on three levels:




On-site training and support


Online support

What ClubPlanner can do for your fitness center?

ClubPlanner is a unique online program that allows you to optimally organize and manage the sales processes and service of club members. In the first place, it will be clearer to employees what their daily work and sales duties are. Secondly, it will be clearer to all employees how the membership situation is developing, so that action can be taken on time if necessary.

The ease of use makes the software suitable for every employee and every type of fitness club. The program not only makes your job easier, it is even a coach for your employees. ClubPlanner is a system to improve sales results and to monitor members to prevent them from dropping out.

ClubPlanner helps to create a clear work structure. The attention of your employees becomes slightly more sales-oriented with the focus on achieving their realistic sales goals. This makes them more effective and they focus on all their own members. For you as an entrepreneur or manager, there will be even more structure and continuity in the organization.

The management receives a detailed report of all sales results every day and they will receive information about how many follow-up appointments are planned in the future, with current members. In this way ClubPlanner offers you every possible help to manage the inflow of members, to monitor the progress of existing members and to increase the attention in the gym in order to reduce the outflow. These are the ingredients for the growth of your member numbers and monthly revenue.