Have you ever heard of a fitness bazaar? We buy suitable used fitness machines, overhaul them and offer them again for sale as fully functional refurbished fitness machines.

Our goal is to revitalize used fitness machines, which, after thorough maintenance and necessary repairs, can continue to serve well, for example, new entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.

Who can benefit from refurbished fitness machines?

Professional used fitness machines that have successfully undergone “refurbishment”, are an extraordinary opportunity for any new fitness studio venture. If you are one of them, think of the economic and practical benefits they can bring you. Your own fitness studio is certainly a dream come true. But how can sustain a healthy start-up business? We will advise you how.

Save costs

Besides choosing the right space, there is a key decision – how to equip the studio in the most cost-effective way? Starting a new business is not an easy task, but saving on cost can makes things that bit easier!

Buy proven quality for a reasonable price

We recommend refurbished fitness machines. Refurbished, or simply preowned, fitness machines can provide a good service at a very reasonable purchase price.

Reasons for buying goods from a fitness bazaar include:

  • Cost saving                                                        
  • Proven quality
  • Used fitness machines undergo general maintenance including all necessary safety tests and are in perfect condition before sale

Treat your studio to a refurbished fitness machine, at minimal cost, giving you very good quality, plus a second life to good equipment. It is an environmentally friendly and economical decision to help you keep your business afloat without compromising on quality.